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"Integrate the beauty of nature, natural marble and granite to create an elegant flooring choice. Whether you love the soft texture of marble or the toughness of granite, we present a unique choice for you. Step into a comfortable space and feel the atmosphere. The natural atmosphere makes the floor a part of home art."

Landscape FlooringLandscape Flooring

Granite is a hard, durable and beautiful stone that is often used for table tops. Its natural texture and color make each piece of granite unique, bringing a unique visual effect to the tabletop. Not only that, but granite is also resistant to wear and heat, making it an excellent choice for durable tabletops. Be aware that granite is relatively heavy, so when choosing to make a table top out of it, you need to make sure the legs and support structure are strong enough to hold its weight.


Provide professional service for your stone needs! Our company provides you with the installation service of marble, granite and nano marble, and also provides precise cutting of various stone materials. No matter the size of your project, we have an experienced team to meet your requirements. Cooperating with us, you will receive high-quality stone products, as well as the support of a professional technical team to ensure the smooth completion of your project. Contact us and let us provide the best solution for your stone project!

Counter TopCounter Top

Excellent beauty, nano-microcrystalline stone desktop.

Bright luster, derived from nano-scale crystallite technology, delicate crystal appearance makes each desktop a unique work of art. Its tiny crystal lattice gives it a natural mineral-like texture, adding elegance and sophistication to your space.

The unique nano-microcrystalline stone material not only has the luxury feeling like marble, but also has the characteristics of high strength and wear resistance, which makes the desktop glow with long-lasting vitality in daily use. Whether it is a home office area or a business place, the nano-microcrystalline stone desktop can create just the right style and style for you.

Infinite possibilities, beautiful because of nano. Choose the nano-microcrystalline stone table top to make your living space full of delicacy and taste, and show your distinctive personality.

Tile Cutting ServiceTile Cutting Service

Our company has decades of expertise in cutting stone. Expertise in marble and granite and tile cutting. Cut according to customer's needs and design requirements. We provide roughing and trimming. Including: Sanding, Bush Hammer, Alphabet, Laser.
Copyright 2024 by CM Marble Stone Supplier Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, Seremban
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